About Us

Delivering Comfort, Luxury and Style Since Our Inception

Dodo Limo & Transportation is always serious about providing our respected clients all the comfort and luxury that they aspires for. Our cars are embodied with all the luxurious features, that define your style. We will provide our service with professionalism, safety, and reliability. A ride that will change your idea about chauffeured transportation service. Here, we are offering good options for premium luxury chauffeured transportation services. Because of our comfort, style, and friendly environment we provide the greatest customer service. We are the top-of-the-line chauffeur-driven luxury transportation and car service company in Santa Barbara. We provide the most amazing chauffeur-driven transportation services experience at a very flexible rate.

A Perfect Solution For All Your Transportation Needs

Dodo Limo & Transportation cares about our customers, therefore, we have a large fleet of premium luxury limousines and cars in Santa Barbara. We inspect our fleet thoroughly after each trip is completed therefore safety is enhanced. We are continually expanding and improving our services through constant feedback and rapid evaluation. It took hard work and dedication to be the leader in the car service industry. Dodo Limo & Transportation is the perfect solution for all your transportation needs in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. When you book with us we always keep in mind to provide you with the best in class chauffeur driven luxury transportation services.


Making Santa Barbara Residents & Travellers Move On Luxury Wheels

Whether you live in Santa Barbara or are just visiting, you are likely well aware of how stressful of a city it is to drive in. A place that is only ten miles down the road might seem like a quick trip to you from previous experiences, but in the heat of Atlanta rush hours, this could easily turn out to be over an hour endeavour. With Dodo Limo & Transportation, we take the stress out of getting from point A to point B and replace it with a feeling of luxurious relaxation. Our team of chauffeurs are town experts, so they will always be there on time to pick you up and get you where you need to be as quickly as possible all while you just sit back and relax on the fine leather of the luxury vehicle of your choosing.

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