Do you provide child car seat?

Yes, for additional $15.00

Do we allow dogs in our cars? Smoking?

Yes we are dog friendly. No smoking allowed.

Is there a cleaning fee for the Limousines?

Generally no clean up fee is charged unless the vehicle is left in extremely bad condition, that would be a $50 cleaning fee, $200 for vomits or anything very messy.

Can people decorate their vehicle prior to their reservations?


Do we require deposit for reservations?

Yes, we require $100 deposit for hourly car or limo reservations.

Do we offer corporate accounts?

Yes, the billing is set up on a monthly basis and we invoice the company at the and of each month. We usually keep a credit card on file but corporate account can also pay by check.

Can we bring coolers on any of Dodo’s vehicles?

Yes you can. However, there are no kegs or party-balls allowed.

Can I request a particular driver?

Yes. Ask that they assign certain drivers that you prefer if they are available

How far in advance should I make my reservations?

This does vary based on the time of year. Sedan and SUV reservations should be called in within 24 hours of the pick up date. We do try to accommodate all last minute requests for transportation, but can not always guarantee that there are vehicles available. All specialty vehicle reservations should be called in well in advance of the event date

What is the method of payment that you accepts?

A credit card is required at the time of booking reservations. We accept (Visa. MasterCard, Amex and Discovery)

Should I tip my chauffeur?

An automatic 20% gratuity is included. Our chauffeurs do certainly appreciate additional tipping for amazing service.

Do I need to call if my flight is delayed or coming early?

No. We track the flight online and notice if your arrival or departure time changes. However, if you change your flight number, please let us know.

What does your stretch limo or SUV stretch limo include?

We provide complimentary Champagne, water, ice and glasses. Feel free to bring anything on board.

Do I need to prepay for the trip?

Most of our clients pay for the trip when they book because they prefer the convenience and time savings. However, if you prefer to pay later, it is fine. But we authorize your credit card in advance.

Do you do pick up / drop off at City X?

Yes. We are licensed to operate anywhere in California, and have trusted affiliates worldwide.

For tours and charters, are we required to be out for 4 hours?

No, we can take you out for fewer than 4 hours. However, 4 hours is the minimum reservation, so you’ll be charged for the full 4 hours even if your trip is shorter.

Do your drivers have experience?

All of the drivers at Dodo Limo & Transportation have minimum of three years of professional driving experience. For all trips, we map out the route before we pick you up.

What are your telephone reservation hours?

From 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

Do I need to call to confirm my pick up?

No. Once you make a reservation, we’ll send you a confirmation email, which means you’re in our reservation system and you’ll get your car on time. There is no need to confirm your pickup.

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