Point To Point Transportation Service

Premium Passenger Comfort and Safety

Dodo Limo & Transportation protocols of safety, security, cleanliness and professionalism are second to none.  We have a team of back office dispatchers that oversee each reservation thoroughly and assist our chauffeurs on the ground.  Our fleet is properly licensed and maintained in house.  Our chauffeurs are properly screened for background, experience and health checks before getting into our vehicles. Our chauffeurs are to pick you up when you book for our Point-To-Point transfers wherever you may be in Santa Barbara, and we will ensure that you get to your destination. We usually apply a flat rate when it comes to charging clients. In rare cases, we may also apply hourly rates depending on drive time and geography.

Time To Explore Santa Barbara in Luxury

Dodo Limo & Transportation provides incredible luxury car transportation at affordable rates. Enhance your travel experience by recruiting these professionals. Choose from a fleet of best Sedans, SUVs, and more for your next trip.  Our company prides itself on the clean and elegant vehicles they provide to every customer. Friendly representatives are standing by to answer any questions about Point-to-Point transportation. Private transportation allows you to book your ride from a fleet of several vehicles. Choose from a selection of sedans, SUVs, limos, and more. This luxury gives you more freedom to arrange reliable group transportation and feel confident about service results.


Secure & Easy Vehicle Reservation System

All of Dodo Limo & Transportation vehicles are appointed in good taste and you can expect a number of Limousine advantages, such as guaranteed on time pick-ups and chauffeurs that know how to provide privacy and minimal interaction when required. Above everything, we are a company based on providing unparalleled quality to our Santa Barbara customers and for us, anything less than a completely satisfied client is simply not acceptable. Our secure reservation system will have all of your personal information stored in a client profile. Your email, cell phone, home address, other info, preferred method of payment, client preferences, etc. will be on file with our company. The chauffeur will have all your pertinent information on hand and will have advanced knowledge of your reservation, including pickup location preference for your Point-to-Point transportation.

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