Shuttle Bus

Why Hire Our Shuttle Bus Service For Group Transportation?

When you are only responsible for yourself, it is easy to get somewhere. You can choose to drive, take a bus, bike, hike, skateboard, hover board, or any other means of transportation. Yet, planning transportation for a group can become a little trickier. If you are organizing a trip with a large group, you may have underlying stress because communication becomes more difficult. A Shuttle Bus service can eliminate many risky factors such as getting lost, missing a meeting, etc. Another benefit of a shuttle service is privacy. With a shuttle bus service from Dodo Limo & Transportation you will be travelling with only your group, unlike other types of public transportation. When you travel with just your group of co-workers, it allows everyone the opportunity to collaborate, spend time checking emails, getting other work done, or relaxing. 

Shuttle Bus For Business or Leisure Events

If you’re interested in corporate Shuttle Bus Service for your end of financial year party or just a general corporate event then why not consider Dodo Limo & Transportation? We’re a specialty shuttle bus and luxury transportation company that specialises in corporate coach hire as well as events like music festivals and concert group transportation. Our professional and experienced drivers will make sure that they arrive on time at the pick-up location and drop you off when and where you need to be at the end. Our shuttle buses can be hired for parties of all sizes and are a luxurious and stress-free way to get to and from the event you’re heading to.

Serve Smooth High Quality Driving Experience

We know travelling with large groups can be overwhelming, challenging and exhausting. Organizing and coordinating your event or meeting takes enough time already. If you want to eliminate the stress of transportation, a shuttle bus service from Dodo Limo & Transportation in Santa Barbara is the most convenient and reliable solution. Our first-class professional transportation services help provide you and your group with a positive travel experience. And when your employees are happy, you and your team will be happy.

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